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Connections with Specialty doctors

    Very good network of qualified and reputed doctors built through:

  • a) Years of experience in associating with them as providers of surgical
        equipments/implants (used in surgeries/operations) and

  • b) Working closely in branding/business development initiatives for doctors/ hospitals

Most work on a per transaction basis and on mutually agreed contract.

Cost Advantages

Offers cost effective packages that are customized to suit your budget by connecting you with providers (doctors) who can offer better services at affordable cost

Most normally work with only a few of the high-ranked and renowned hospitals

Online tool

Offers a robust tool that you can access by registering on our website. Personal medical information can be shared through the tool and we can pass it on to a specialist for more accurate feedback.

Majority use a simple form to capture basic information such as Name, Email, location and medical reports attached in soft copies, which are then passed to a doctor for diagnosis.

We will provide the details of the doctor (including his/her qualifications, location, surgical track record and other details) when sending the diagnosis/diagnostic information to you. This will ensure that you have all the details of the doctor/hospital in order to make a well informed decision.
As part of our service, we will help facilitate the initial consultation between you and the doctor by providing diagnostic feedback through our online application. Additional correspondence before traveling can be conducted via phone, email, and/or video-conference, if desired.
We cover a range of specializations, including those involving surgical interventions, across cardiology, IVF, gastroenterology, orthopaedic to name a few. Please register on our website and let us know of your specific ailment and we will do our best to connect you with the best doctor for your problem.
Yes you can make your own flight arrangements and book your own stay. However if you do wish assistance, we can help by either providing options/recommendations or making the arrangements for you. Once a doctor is finalized, we suggest accommodation options basis budget suggested by the patient. If the treatment requires long term accommodation, patients may be given the alternative of housing in a guest house or service apartment.
Yes, it is absolutely necessary to register with a valid email address to get feedback from a doctor/surgeon. This ensures that your medical details are captured in a single place enabling easy sharing of the information with doctors. In addition, registering and uploading all medical records maintains the medical history that can be accessed at a later date too.

We recommend that you keep one or more of the following ready:

  • Your recent Xray film photograph in pdf or doc or jpeg or docx format
  • Your recent original CT CD
  • Your recent original MRI CD
  • Your recent Angiogram CD
  • Your latest prescription reports in pdf or doc or jpeg or docx format

The doctors who have helped us developed our application have recommended that Xray/CT/MRI/Angiogram records along with relevant prescriptions and health details will assist them in making a more accurate diagnosis on the ailment. We suggest that you key in as much information as possible so that the doctor has all the data on hand while suggesting a diagnosis.
You can be assured that the records uploaded by you are securely stored in our servers. They are password protected and a valid registered login/password is required to access them.
Once you finish uploading all your medical records, we will contact you by email. In addition, a preliminary diagnosis will be available on your dashboard in about 5 days. We reiterate that the accuracy of the diagnosis is solely dependent on the records that are made available to the doctor.
The accuracy of the diagnosis is solely dependent on the records that are made available to the doctor.However we would like to add a caveat that under certain circumstances, the actual treatment might vary from what was mentioned earlier, which could be due to progressive nature of the disease or other new/unavoidable medical conditions.
You can email us at We will ensure that we respond to your queries at the earliest.