Research shows that nothing impacts patient experiences more than the quality of communication. Sound communication overtakes even the benefits of the latest innovative technology and techniques which definitely are essential but of little use, if the patient cannot communicate his problem well.

In a country as diverse as India where there are 22 major languages, with over 720 dialects, this issue becomes even more relevant. Several states have their own official languages, which are usually only spoken in particular areas.

my-healthconnect: Bridging the language barrier

The rising number of migrant patients from one state to another and a large vernacular speaking population means that communication errors between a healthcare practitioner and patient when one or both are speaking a second language are increasingly likely. my-healthconnect is actively trying to bridge this gap using its online platform.

We have tied up with like-minded doctors and medical practitioners and together we are trying to bridge the communication gap, connect healthcare facilities to remote parts of the country and generate awareness about different medical conditions.

We are glad to have doctors like Dr.Narendra Reddy Busireddy who have joined us in the endeavor.

Dr.Busireddy is an orthopedic surgeon from Vijayawada, who connects with Telugu speaking people in other parts of the country, providing them with expert advice regarding joint pain issues.

He frequently reaches out to Telugu speaking diaspora and hosts awareness programs on arthritis, joint pain, and possible treatment solutions. These talks have been well received by the community, especially by the Telugu Samaj in Raipur.

People may not know what to expect with conditions like arthritis and how to deal with them. At my-healthconnect we have designed awareness programs to educate people, help them understand the symptoms, take preliminary care of themselves and if required avail our network of specialists. We have been conducting these awareness workshops in different parts of the country.

In our awareness talks about arthritis, Dr.Busireddy discusses topics like what is arthritis and treatment options. He also goes into information on surgical interventions and pre and post-operative care for patients.

See how these sessions are helping: A true patient story

These sessions are eye-openers for patients and have benefited many individuals. One such individual is 42 year old Mr.Prashanth who lives in Raipur. Mr.Prashanth was facing problems with his right hip and was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis. They recommended him Hip Replacement Surgery. Let us first understand what is Avascular Necrosis.

Avascular Necrosis – Collapse of the hip joint

Avascular Necrosis, occurs when the head of the thighbone (femur) does not get a steady supply of blood. The head of the femur is at the joint of the thigh and hip. As a result, the femur head does not receive adequate nourishment and eventually collapses. This condition can happen because of a host of reasons including injury, certain medicines or medical conditions. Avascular Necrosis causes pain in the hip and also makes it difficult for the patient to stand or walk.

In hip replacement surgery, the damaged part of the bone and cartilage is completely removed. This is then replaced by metal or plastic joint surfaces. This procedure allows most patients to regain their joint function and enjoy a pain-free life.

Speaking your language

Mr.Prashanth wanted to be sure about his options and started looking for a competent doctor. This is when he found my-healthconnect and read about Dr. Narendra Reddy’s awareness talk in Telugu Samaj, Raipur. He realized it would be a good idea to attend the session as he would feel more comfortable discussing his problem in his mother-tongue, Telugu. He also came across testimonials in Telugu by previously operated patients by the doctor. This gave him more confidence.

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He connected with Dr.Busireddy at the awareness program. Mr.Prashanth found himself at a new comfort level with Dr.Busireddy as he could effortlessly talk to him about his condition in his mother tongue. Now Mr.Prashanth is happy that he has connected with a good orthopedic surgeon for his problem who also will be able to treat him at an affordable cost.

He is thankful to have found Dr.Busireddy through my-healthconnect.

Pass it forward to your family and friends

Like Mr.Prashanth, you can help your family and friends benefit from the awareness initiatives carried out by my-healthconnect. The awareness programs are free of cost and no fringe attached workshops. Help spread awareness, help spread good health. Connect to my-healthconnect today.