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When pain strikes away from home

Kidney Stones, Pain in the back, Stones in the kidney, Urologists in India, Kidney Stones treatment

Picture this, you are away from home, on a professional trip. You are all excited and set to make an impression in the professional engagements ahead of you-when suddenly- pain strikes. What do you do when you require urgent medical help when you are far away from home? Where do you go? Whom do you seek help from? Which doctor do you approach and how do you know the medical opinion given by the doctor will be the right one for you?  Mr. Tarun faced this dilemma when he visited Hyderabad from Mumbai, his hometown. He was in Hyderabad for …

Apples for patients, but what should doctors have?

Specialist doctors for medical opinion, Medical Opinion from specialist surgeons in India, Second Opinion, Cost effective treatment plans

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This old adage was so true in the bygone years. People wanted to stay healthy. They feared illnesses, for reasons of disruption in smooth living or inconveniences caused to people in the family and the illness itself for what it did to the affected individual. But now the adage seems to have undergone a paradigm shift. One more factor has got attached to the list above. Ever so often it is true now that “The doctor often is more to be feared than the disease itself”. Surely you have heard of stories …

Easing the Role of A Caregiver

Caregiver, Medical Opinion, Specialist Surgeons in India, Second Opinion

Life is known to throw curve balls but the worst ones to hit, are when a loved one develops a serious illness. The fears and feelings that surface are a mix of many emotions; anger, anxiety, a deep sense of loss. Additionally, there is a sudden helplessness to handle this new situation. Your relationship with the person too, undergoes a transformation, where your loved one suddenly becomes the ‘patient’ and you automatically assume the role of a ‘caregiver’. And this new role that you have suddenly assumed is not really easy to play. For anyone who has played the role …

Patient requiring High Tibial Osteotomy gets connected to orthopedic specialist in India

High Tibial Osteotomy, Bilateral Posterior Condyle Deformity, Orthopedic Surgeon in India

Mr.Omar Mohamoud Omaar alias Dr.Huduyfe is a General Physician in Garowe, Somalia. He has been suffering from a disorder – Bilateral posterior condyle deformity – where the joints around his knees are abnormally formed. Due to this abnormal bone growth, he experiences pain in his knees. Over time, this had led to osteophytes developing in his joints too. Mr.Omaar is suffering from Bilateral Posterior Condyle deformity – where the joints around his knees are abnormally formed He has visited multiple doctors in Somalia and has been advised to consult orthopedic specialists in India for his treatment. He knows he has to visit …

Trauma patient gets online medical opinion and avoids unnecessary medical travel

Trauma Injury Patient, Medical Opinion, Surgery for fractures

Sometimes an online medical opinion can help you and even prevent the unnecessary medical travel. In an unfortunate accident, Smt.Munni Devi 62 from Jharkhand was hit by a vehicle and suffered multiple fractures in her thighs, legs and wrists (multiple trauma injuries). Thankfully, she was saved from major injuries to her internal organs but she had to undergo immediate surgery for fractures. This involved fixing plates in nails in various fractured parts and reuniting of the bone. Smt.Munni Devi was hit by a vehicle and suffered multiple fractures in her thighs, legs and wrists While the hospital said that surgery …

Quality Diagnosis = Surgery averted

Quality Medical Opinion, Second Opinion

my-healthconnect has been connecting patients and doctors for over two years now.  In our mission to make these connections and bring better healthcare to those who seek it, we have often reiterated the need to get a quality second opinion and have seen, as in the case outlined below, that two heads are, in fact, better than one. We have often reiterated the need to get a quality second opinion and have seen, as in the case outlined below, that two heads are, in fact, better than one. Recently, we were approached by a patient from Kolkata – a 65-year-old …

Finding Healthcare Solutions in Technology and Connection (Online Medical Opinion)

Online Medical Opinion, Specialist Surgeons in India

What if you were suffering from the common flu and did not have access to common medication like Paracetamol? Would your experience of sickness be drastically changed? Would a stomach infection not seem insurmountable without a basic antibiotic? There are thousands of people in Somalia who suffer from more serious illnesses and endure long standing pain and discomfort. All this only because the required diagnosis and follow-up treatment is not available to them in their towns or cities. Sometimes, Somalians travel all the way to India or Turkey seeking treatment. Often, they find themselves in foreign lands without any support …

Empowering the next generation – A talk on career at the University of Bosaso

Talk on healthcare career options to students at University of Bosaso

The founder of my-healthconnect, Sriram Sekhar was invited to give a talk on career to the students at the University of Bosaso during the recent medical outreach session that was conducted. The university is frequented by international visiting professionals who deliver talks on various educative topics. The students look forward to such learning opportunities that expose them to the world outside. The senior management looks at it as an opportunity to empower the next generation. The session was attended by 150 students who were pursuing Bachelors Degree in Public Health.  They were the perfect audience to talk to on healthcare …

Hope in Hargeisa

Somaliland Hargeisa

my-healthconnect was recently in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, in the Horn of Africa.  One has probably not heard much about this city and yet its citizens can be found all over the world – in the Americas, in Europe and even in Asia. my-healthconnect, in its mission to take healthcare to remote areas, went to Hargeisa to explore possibilities of a long term association with the medical teams there. In doing so, we could help the patients in Hargeisa connect with the right surgeons/specialists in India for a quality medical opinion and appropriate treatment for their health needs. Our …

Guide for medical opinion

4 Easy Steps to connect with a specialist surgeon in India

my-healthconnect was conceptualized with the objective of helping patients with a provisional diagnosis/medical opinion so that you can travel with information rather than take a chance on your health. Using our patient platform, you can upload your reports and a summary of your symptoms and medical history and after reviewing it, the doctors on our panel can offer you an initial analysis.  We explained the benefits of a medical opinion prior to your medical travel in one of our earlier blogs. We seek to now educate our patient community on how best to communicate the requisite information for a more …

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