Mr.Omar Mohamoud Omaar alias Dr.Huduyfe is a General Physician in Garowe, Somalia. He has been suffering from a disorder – Bilateral posterior condyle deformity – where the joints around his knees are abnormally formed. Due to this abnormal bone growth, he experiences pain in his knees. Over time, this had led to osteophytes developing in his joints too.

Mr.Omaar is suffering from Bilateral Posterior Condyle deformity – where the joints around his knees are abnormally formed

He has visited multiple doctors in Somalia and has been advised to consult orthopedic specialists in India for his treatment. He knows he has to visit India but does not know how to go about the whole process.

He knows he has to visit India but does not know how to go about the whole process

One day, he runs into his friend Dr.Abdiqani, who works in a hospital in Bosaso. Dr.Abdiqani is a channel partner for my-healthconnect, an organisation that connects patients in Africa to the specialist medical care in India. Dr.Abdiqani directs Mr.Omaar to my-healthconnect’s patient platform accessible through the internet.

Mr.Omaar is able to quickly create an account and share details of his problem along with detailed X-rays and CT Scans of his knee. Soon, my-healthconnect connects him to Dr.Sudhir Reddy, a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Hyderabad.

Mr.Omaar shares his X-rays and CT Scans on my-healthconnect

Dr.Reddy analyzes the X-rays and past reports and concludes that Mr.Omaar needs a surgery called High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO). In HTO, the deformed bones will be chipped off and the knee will be re-balanced so that Mr.Omaar will be able to walk normally without any pain.

Dr.Sudhir Reddy mentioned the following

“He has osteoarthritis of both knees with ACL tear in Right knee and Medial meniscal tear in Left knee. He will need corrective osteotomy in both knees to correct deformity and prevent deterioration of arthritis, and also Arthroscopy in both knees with ACL reconstruction on the right and meniscal tear excision on left”

In addition, when Mr.Omaar asked for details on the surgery and complications if any, a call was arranged between Dr.Reddy and Mr.Omaar. They went over the details of the surgery, post operative care and the costs involved.

Today, Mr.Omaar is not only relieved but is also assured about his treatment plan, costs involved and post operative recovery timelines. When he travels to India for his surgery, he can relax and look after his health and recovery, without dealing with the uncertainty of treatment plan and worrying about establishing a rapport with his doctor in India.

His feedback can be found below:

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