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Online Consultation for a Second Opinion

Gastro-intestinal disorders, Medical Opinion, Online Consultation, Second Opinion, Stomach Pain

Technology has always played a vital role in healthcare. From ultrasound machines to MRIs, technology has helped to diagnose, treat, and heal. Today, in the age of constant connectivity, a natural extension of technology is as a bridge to lessen the distance between patients and healthcare providers. Telemedicine is offering a big platform for remote healthcare. Using modern audio and video capabilities, telemedicine is trying to make healthcare more accessible. The big question, though, is, does telemedicine work? Can our screens ever replace the doctor’s consultation room?  This blog takes you through some interesting real patient stories that answer this question. Online …

Orthopedic Specialist from Vijayawada treats at Tilda

Orthopedic Specialist from Vijayawada, Best Knee Replacement Surgeon from Vijayawada, Knee Pain, Arthritis, Medical Opinion, Total Knee Replacement Surgery

When you have a fracture or unbearable back pain, what would you do? Consult a doctor, who will refer you to a specialist like an orthopedic surgeon or bone specialist. This scenario works fine in a city, but what about small towns and villages?. It is not so easy for people living in rural India, as there is a shortage of doctors in rural India. Current Rural India Medical facilities Scenario According to a study, in India, there is one government doctor for every 10,189 people (the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a ratio of 1:1,000), or a deficit of …

Know It All About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery, Knee Pain, Arthritis in the Joints, Orthopedic Surgeons in India, Best Surgeons in India

What is the youngest age for knee replacement surgery? Is it a bad idea to get a knee replacement at 92 years of age? Will my knee straighten? How long will the pain in the knee stay? These questions will naturally occur to somebody ailing with knee problems or a person contemplating a knee replacement surgery. Knee Replacement on the Rise An increasing instance of knee replacements is evident today. Let us try to understand the procedure and the outcomes expected out of it in an attempt to answer these questions. Knees – The largest joints in the body, also one …

Are you relying on the internet for the drugs for Arthritis?

Drugs for Arthritis, Pain killers for uric acid pain, Pain killers for knee pain, Drug for knee effusion

Paracetamol, Febuxostat, Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Chlorzoxazone, Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Arachitol, Serratiopeptidase. What do all these names have in common? Do they ring a bell? Well, not to the common man. But to a person suffering from arthritis, they sure do. They are generic names of drugs used in the treatment of arthritis. Treatment may not be the right choice of word because a treatment leads to cure and that is not the case in Arthritis. These are not magic drugs that once popped cure the ailment. But they do have their own magic. If you ask any person suffering from arthritis, what …

Fahfaahin macaanka ku saabsan

Diabetes, Diabetes Mellitus, Endocronologists in India, Diabetologists in India

macaanku (Diabetes) waa xunuun mudo dheer qaata waxaanad u bahaan tahay dhakhtar Ku takhasusay macaanka iyo sida loo daweeyo. Diabetes is a chronic disorder and you need the right endocrinologist to treat you. Daawo muuqaalka videoga Dr.Ahmed Abdiaziz Dahir ee ah sidaa loo contaroolaa macaanka. Dr.Ahmed Abdiaziz Dahir tells you more on how to control your diabetes   Muqaalka waxa uu Ku tusayaa cuntooyinka laqaato Marka macaanka lagugu sheego ( Dr. Ahmed Abdiaziz Dahir) Foods to take when diagnosed   Kala xiriir whatsupka (+252 634066725 or +91630337330) si aad ulaxiriirto dhakhaatiir Indian ah si aad ugahesho warbixin dheeraada Contact us …

Apples for patients, but what should doctors have?

Specialist doctors for medical opinion, Medical Opinion from specialist surgeons in India, Second Opinion, Cost effective treatment plans

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This old adage was so true in the bygone years. People wanted to stay healthy. They feared illnesses, for reasons of disruption in smooth living or inconveniences caused to people in the family and the illness itself for what it did to the affected individual. But now the adage seems to have undergone a paradigm shift. One more factor has got attached to the list above. Ever so often it is true now that “The doctor often is more to be feared than the disease itself”. Surely you have heard of stories …

Easing the Role of A Caregiver

Caregiver, Medical Opinion, Specialist Surgeons in India, Second Opinion

Life is known to throw curve balls but the worst ones to hit, are when a loved one develops a serious illness. The fears and feelings that surface are a mix of many emotions; anger, anxiety, a deep sense of loss. Additionally, there is a sudden helplessness to handle this new situation. Your relationship with the person too, undergoes a transformation, where your loved one suddenly becomes the ‘patient’ and you automatically assume the role of a ‘caregiver’. And this new role that you have suddenly assumed is not really easy to play. For anyone who has played the role …

Cataract Surgery at affordable costs

Eye Pain, Cataract Surgery, Injection-less Cataract Surgery, Best Ophthalmologists in India

Srinivas Girish is a busy tech professional based out of Hyderabad. His parents still live in their home town of Kadapa, a smaller city around 400 kms away from Hyderabad. On one of his regular visits to his parents house, Mr.Girish realized that both of them probably needed cataract surgery for their eye. Srinivas Girish, a busy tech professional in Hyderabad was looking for a good ophthalmologist for his parents He returned to Hyderabad and started a search for good ophthalmologists by asking his friends and co-workers; while one of them suggested that he check with my-healthconnect for the right …

Online medical consultation for patients

Jama Abdi Farah is a 53-year-old male from Garowe, Puntland, Africa. A driver by profession, he has spent long hours driving a car for most of his adult life. While driving, he often experienced pain in his knees, back and wrists. Assuming it was part and parcel of his profession, he would take a short break, stretch and sip a tea and continue driving. Mr.Farah, a driver by profession used to experience pains in his knees, back and wrists my-healthconnect, recently tied up with Arafat Hospital at Garowe (a new hospital opened in July 2018). We also flew in a …

Arthritis and its causes

Arthritis and its causes, Osteoarthritis, Knee Pain, Back Pain

my-healthconnect as a platform helps patients connect to specialist doctors in India for an online medical opinion. One of the most common medical problems that we find in the 60+ age category is Arthritis and, the typical questions that haunt the patient or the caretaker are: What is arthritis? What causes arthritis? How did my mother get it? Why is she not able to walk properly? What should I do next? If we were to articulate arthritis in layman terms, it is the wear and tear of the joints. In much the same way as the parts of a machine …

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