Srinivas Girish is a busy tech professional based out of Hyderabad. His parents still live in their home town of Kadapa, a smaller city around 400 kms away from Hyderabad. On one of his regular visits to his parents house, Mr.Girish realized that both of them probably needed cataract surgery for their eye.

Srinivas Girish, a busy tech professional in Hyderabad was looking for a good ophthalmologist for his parents

He returned to Hyderabad and started a search for good ophthalmologists by asking his friends and co-workers; while one of them suggested that he check with my-healthconnect for the right doctor.

While looking for an eye specialist, Mr.Girish had three criteria for the doctor:

  • He wanted one of the best doctors in the city. In addition he wanted the treatment to be conducted at a facility where his health insurance would be accepted.
  • Given the age of his parents and his own rigorous work schedule, he wanted appointments which involved, as far as possible, lesser waiting times.
  • Mr.Girish was exploring affordable costs for the surgery.

His three criteria for selecting the doctor were – best eye specialist, affordable cost and lesser waiting times

my-healthconnect quickly suggested that leading Ophthalmologist, Dr.Vasudeva Reddy, would be the best fit from their panel of doctors.

Dr.Vasudeva Reddy has many credits to his name, notable among them:

  • Injection-less cataract eye surgery
  • Ensuring best eye care with affordable treatment
  • A private clinic with neat environs and appropriate queuing system, thereby ensuring optimized patient wait times

Dr.Vasudeva Reddy offered the best care at affordable prices and it was an injection-less surgery

Mr.Girish was extremely satisfied with the outcome of his search.  He quickly booked an appointment, got his parents checked and processed his insurance for the surgery. Consequently, his parents underwent the treatment in the next week and are now recuperating well.

my-healthconnect is happy to share his encouraging feedback below:

Cataract Surgery Feedback

What we did for Mr.Girish, we can do for you too.  Certainly, all you need to do for any assistance in your eye care requirements is to click here.