my-healthconnect was conceptualized with the objective of helping patients with a provisional diagnosis/medical opinion so that you can travel with information rather than take a chance on your health.

Using our patient platform, you can upload your reports and a summary of your symptoms and medical history and after reviewing it, the doctors on our panel can offer you an initial analysis.  We explained the benefits of a medical opinion prior to your medical travel in one of our earlier blogs. We seek to now educate our patient community on how best to communicate the requisite information for a more accurate feedback from our surgeons.

While the various sections of our tool are detailed in our Youtube video, we would like to explain the rationale on why certain sections need to be filled and how a doctor would use the information provided by you in determining a provisional diagnosis.



Describing your medical condition is key as it defines the direction of the diagnosis. Although a crisp description like ‘Colon cancer’ or ‘Varicose veins’ explains your problem completely, it is very important to provide detailed information such as the time frame of initial diagnosis or stage of progression.  To achieve this, try to imagine that you are in conversation with the doctor and describe in detail your condition, stage and medical treatment that you are already undergoing.

The section on Questions is for you to set out your queries and concerns so that the surgeon understands the thought process behind the question and is able to address it accurately.


We understand you have probably filled in the same information in various other websites; however, without a profile description that includes basic information like gender, age, height, weight, etc., even a simple diagnosis can take longer than usual.  For example, in cases where the patient requires kidney transplant, the blood group of the recipient and donor are both very important to determine the feasibility of the transplant surgery.

Medical Reports & Records:

Upload only your most recent reports/records. These may include:

– Prescription of the current doctor

– Laboratory reports

xray– Radiology images – A photo image of an X-ray is always more beneficial versus the X-ray report because interpretation of the image could vary from one radiologist to another. In addition, sharing the original X-ray/CT/MRI image will give a true image of the underlying bone or tissue structures, which help the doctor, make a fresh, unbiased analysis.


Pain Assessment:

Since describing parts of the body where the patient is experiencing any pain might be cumbersome, this section helps in addressing the issue. Marking a comprehensive list of pain areas will definitely help a surgeon get deeper insights into the problem.

Other Health Details: Any other information on surgical history, current medication, and other morbid/co-morbid conditions can be entered in this section. This will ensure that the doctor has comprehensive information on your current problem as well as your past treatments.

Our patient tool has been built on feedback from specialist surgeons and patients. If you have been diagnosed by your local doctor for a surgery and are looking for a medical opinion, we are here to help.  Please register with us and upload your medical information, in as detailed a manner as possible following the above guidelines and we will get back to you.