Mr.Sanjay Verma* lives in Assam in India and has been recently diagnosed with varicose veins (a condition in which veins in the legs become enlarged). He prefers to have his surgery performed at Hyderabad (about 1500 kms from where he lives) but is unsure on the right doctor for his issue. He connects at my-healthconnect and uploads his recent prescriptions and laboratory reports. A vascular specialist surgeon from Hyderabad analyses the reports and gives Mr. Verma a provisional diagnostic plan. The plan includes a possible treatment plan, cost estimate and days of stay at Hyderabad (if surgery is confirmed).

The alternative situation for Mr.Verma would have been an uninformed journey in which he would have started his enquiries after reaching Hyderabad with all his reports.

Does this sound like an experience familiar to many of us who have needed to travel to a bigger city for a surgery?

Your trusted doctor locally has just informed you that you might need a surgery and you know that you have to go to the nearest city to get the best possible treatment from expert medical consultants in the presence of best-in-class facilities.  You take the journey and get the consultation, and get confirmed that the surgery has to be performed.  You then get a cost estimate, understand the logistics of how long you would need to stay post-surgery and figure out all the arrangements that you need to make.

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Then, the questions arise:

  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • Is there a cheaper/better way to get this done?
  • Am I missing anything?

These are the questions that we seek to answer at my-healthconnect.  Like we did with Mr. Verma, we help you to gather all the information that you require before your medical travel.  This helps you to have a more planned and less hassled journey.

 The benefits are obvious:

  • Better planned medical travel with a possible treatment plan
  • Provisional diagnosis plan from the doctor
  • A confirmed appointment with the doctor thereby avoiding long OPD wait times

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As we publish this blog, a patient who used our channel is recovering from a kidney transplant.  The patient was suggested a kidney transplant, but seeking a second opinion, the patient shared the medical reports of the donor and recipient and got a technical feasibility for the surgery online before the actual medical travel. The benefit clearly was the assurance that the donor was eligible to donate the kidney and the recipient’s body parameters (blood and lymph X Match reports) were compatible to accept the kidney.

We make such assurances possible everyday.  Will you be one of those whose lives we touch and make better?  Give us the opportunity and we will make it happen for you.

As part of e-Second Opinion initiatives, we specialise in connecting patients with providers for a Second Opinion on their medical problem. Our initiatives have been helpful in connecting patients in sub-urban India as well as overseas patients to specialist surgeons in India for an opinion and, where required, the necessary follow-up treatment.

(*Names have been altered to maintain confidentiality)