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How to prevent kidney stones naturally

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Making small adjustments to your current diet and nutrition plan may go a long way towards preventing kidney stones. Read some of them below: Stay hydrated Drinking more water is the best way to prevent kidney stones. If you don’t drink enough, your urine output will be low. Low urine output means your urine is more concentrated and less likely to dissolve urine salts that cause stones. Lemonade and orange juice are also good options. They both contain citrate, which may prevent stones from forming. Lemonade and orange juice contain citrate, which prevent stones from forming Try to drink around …

When pain strikes away from home

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Picture this, you are away from home, on a professional trip. You are all excited and set to make an impression in the professional engagements ahead of you-when suddenly- pain strikes. What do you do when you require urgent medical help when you are far away from home? Where do you go? Whom do you seek help from? Which doctor do you approach and how do you know the medical opinion given by the doctor will be the right one for you?  Mr. Tarun faced this dilemma when he visited Hyderabad from Mumbai, his hometown. He was in Hyderabad for …

Water intake = 40ml times your body weight

The human body is a complex machine made up of a number of interconnected organs and organ systems.  The organs are internally often soft, flexible and extremely sensitive.  In such a situation, even a miniature irritant, and the process of its removal can cause extreme pain.  One such irritant is the extremely small, and very painful, kidney stone. While the exact cause of their formation is not established, some of the known reasons are hard water (above 300 PPM) or a history of kidney stones in the family. Kidney stones are hard deposits of minerals and salts that form inside …

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