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Online Consultation for a Second Opinion

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Technology has always played a vital role in healthcare. From ultrasound machines to MRIs, technology has helped to diagnose, treat, and heal. Today, in the age of constant connectivity, a natural extension of technology is as a bridge to lessen the distance between patients and healthcare providers. Telemedicine is offering a big platform for remote healthcare. Using modern audio and video capabilities, telemedicine is trying to make healthcare more accessible. The big question, though, is, does telemedicine work? Can our screens ever replace the doctor’s consultation room?  This blog takes you through some interesting real patient stories that answer this question. Online …

Are you reading your body signals, right?

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Mrs.Girish an active homemaker had always been healthy and full of life. As a 67-year-old able housewife from Kadapa district of Telangana, she had a set routine: morning walk, running household chores, cooking cleaning, socializing and a long telephone chat with her son every night. Her son had moved to Bangalore and like any doting mother, she would be worried about his well being. Lately, however, it was the son who was getting worried for his mother.  He was worried that very often she would be down with a bad stomachache. Mrs.Girish would intermittently have stomach aches. Initially she thought it was something …

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