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Orthopedic Specialist from Vijayawada treats at Tilda

Orthopedic Specialist from Vijayawada, Best Knee Replacement Surgeon from Vijayawada, Knee Pain, Arthritis, Medical Opinion, Total Knee Replacement Surgery

When you have a fracture or unbearable back pain, what would you do? Consult a doctor, who will refer you to a specialist like an orthopedic surgeon or bone specialist. This scenario works fine in a city, but what about small towns and villages?. It is not so easy for people living in rural India, as there is a shortage of doctors in rural India. Current Rural India Medical facilities Scenario According to a study, in India, there is one government doctor for every 10,189 people (the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a ratio of 1:1,000), or a deficit of …

How a doctor battled it out with her knees!

Arthritis, Knee Pain, Medical Treatment in India, Orthopedic Surgeons in India, Total Knee Replacement Surgery

This is a personal blog. So far I have written many patient stories but this one is special as I write about the one woman who has influenced me right from my childhood, my maternal aunt, my masi as we call it in Hindi. My aunt is not easy to describe, with the number of activities she does it’s not possible to explain her just in a few words. As a successful gynecologist who is recognized for her selfless service in some of the remotest parts of our country, my aunt is truly made of steel. An Indian Medical Association’s …

Arthritis and its causes

Arthritis and its causes, Osteoarthritis, Knee Pain, Back Pain

my-healthconnect as a platform helps patients connect to specialist doctors in India for an online medical opinion. One of the most common medical problems that we find in the 60+ age category is Arthritis and, the typical questions that haunt the patient or the caretaker are: What is arthritis? What causes arthritis? How did my mother get it? Why is she not able to walk properly? What should I do next? If we were to articulate arthritis in layman terms, it is the wear and tear of the joints. In much the same way as the parts of a machine …

Providing solutions to knee-pain in Somalia

One in three people in the world is diagnosed with arthritis. One in three people in the world is diagnosed with arthritis. For people in Puntland in northeastern Somalia, this statistic is no different. What is different however, is that even though arthritis can be relieved, arrested and cured through a combination of medication and/or surgery, the diagnostic and surgical facility is not available in Puntland, as it is in some other parts of the world.     There are more than 200 types of joint diseases broadly classified under the terms arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism or gout. In Puntland, in the …

Arthritis of the Knee

Arthritis of the Knee Joint leading to Knee Pain

There’s a persistent ache in your knee and you know that arthritis runs in the family. The words “knee pain” on Google search throws up thousands of posts on Arthritis and Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery. And yet, after hours of research, there are niggling questions and non-medical queries that arise.  Here we seek to address those that a patient has once his/her surgeon has recommended a Knee Replacement Surgery (TKR Surgery). #1: I am apprehensive about this surgery and have heard stories of my friend’s aunt having a bad experience and increased pain post TKR. What do I do? …

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