This is a personal blog. So far I have written many patient stories but this one is special as I write about the one woman who has influenced me right from my childhood, my maternal aunt, my masi as we call it in Hindi. My aunt is not easy to describe, with the number of activities she does it’s not possible to explain her just in a few words. As a successful gynecologist who is recognized for her selfless service in some of the remotest parts of our country, my aunt is truly made of steel.

An Indian Medical Association’s celebrated member she is a go-to woman one who people reach out to for consultation, advice, feedback, and solace. A doting wife, a supermom, an ideal grand-mom, a trained yoga instructor, a great cook, an avid reader, a great driver, and a travel enthusiast are the things she is known for other than her professional life. This is the woman I know who has lived life – kingsize. So in the summer of 2018 when I got to know she is getting a knee replacement surgery done, I along with my extended family was superbly concerned on the implications it may have on her lifestyle. 

For someone who has been always active, juggling thousands of balls in the air, to suddenly slow down and take it easy didn’t seem fair. The questions she had were-

  • Will she be able to do all that she does now?
  • How will the surgery impact her walking, driving, jogging, traveling?
  • Can she again stand up and cater to patients like she has been for the last forty years?
  • Would she be able to walk through the remote villages of Gadchiroli district and attend to her patients who eagerly wait for her?
  • Will she be able to play badminton with her grandchildren?

A myriad of emotions, questions, and doubts were being discussed amongst cousins and well-wishers.

Not that knee replacement is a very life-altering procedure but in our minds, it certainly was going to have a huge impact on someone who has been clearly stressing out her knees. However, looking at her pain and distress it seemed the only solution. And so the entire family gathered around her at Nagpur where her total knee replacement surgery was to take place. The doctors had suggested knee replacement surgery for her.

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve pain, correct deformity and disability. The procedure involves cutting away damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint (prosthesis) made of metal alloys, high-grade plastics and polymers. It is a safe and effective procedure to help you resume normal activities. 

Coming back to my Aunt

My aunt’s surgery went well. All eyes were now on the post-operative care and recovery.  We were worried how much of her active life could she grab back? However, this fiercely independent woman was not going to take things lying down !!! Her eagerness to walk was like a toddler’s in taking his first steps. And she did, right on the 2nd day of her surgery. They were tiny steps with support from caregivers and a clutch but she was thrilled. Surprisingly she didn’t feel any pain. On the fifth day, she had started walking around the hospital corridors independently.  A physiotherapist would come and make her exercise for an hour every day.

She was discharged on the sixth day from the hospital and traveled 150 km from Nagpur to Chandrapur. All of us were making arrangements for her to climb the stairs when she refused any help!! She was so determined that she took the stairs to walk to her room in the 2nd floor.

In the driver’s seat

Thanks to the surgery and rigorous physiotherapy my aunt was back into the driver’s seat in about a month’s time. She was now driving around to places and patient visits just like before. 

I guess the day she drove her SUV in the small town of Chandrapur where she is a celebrated doctor; she unknowingly became a brand ambassador for knee replacement surgeries. Her super speedy recovery, no fuss demeanor and getting back to life like before inspired other people immensely in her age group. 

Her Message

Its been a year that she underwent the surgery after which my aunt has traveled two foreign locations . She has even attended multiple family functions across different cities in the country. Everywhere she goes people are curious about her take on knee replacement surgeries and whether they should opt for it. Here’s what she invariably tells them’ If you gotta do it, get it done now. Don’t procrastinate, its decaying your life. Give yourself a new renewal, gift yourself a better quality of life. Replace your myths with facts and contact a good surgeon today.

Dr.Mrudul Dewaikar, Gynaecologist in Nagpur

When I asked her to write something for our readers at my-healthconnect, here’s what she penned down.

“Hi, I am Dr.Mrudul Dewaikar, a practicing gynecologist. I run my own medical facility at Chandrapur. People usually believe that doctors do not have any anxiety or fear related to medical procedures. However, that’s untrue. When I was advised Total knee replacement surgery I went through the pangs of anxiety like any other patient. However, a thorough study, detailed discussions and faith in my doctors made me take the plunge. And I am grateful and happy. It has been a year since my operation and I can tell you that it has markedly improved my quality of life. I cannot sit idle and when my knees started giving way I felt helpless. But today thanks to my operation my feet have got a new lease of life. I have certain restrictions but it hasn’t limited me in any way. I now recommend this to all, who come to me for advice. Go for it,  don’t sit over the decision, walk up to it, to be able to walk back to life again.”

Today she is back in action carrying out her regular activities just like before. Here are some glimpses from her routine.

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Just like Dr.Dewaikar at my-healthconnect we believe that knee replacement offers a great renewal to your life. Today our medical systems and techniques have become so advanced that they guarantee complete recovery and betterment of life. All you need is trust, faith and the will to do it. If you want to know more about knee replacement surgeries and your suitability for it, please send an enquiry here.