After our now-regular OPD at Bosaso in May 2018, we ventured with our specialist Rheumatologist over to Nairobi.  For our debut OPD initiative, my-healthconnect had reached out to Andalus Hospital, East Leigh, Nairobi.

my-healthconnect had reached out to Andalus Hospital, Nairobi

During the 1 week camp, around fifty patients presenting with back pain, knee pain and other joint pains were lined up for a consultation with our specialist.  The diagnoses varied from an isolated incident of a long time fractured toe to a more complicated lumbar canal stenosis and the very common arthritis of the knee joint.  

Patients ranged from someone with a long time fractured toe to more complicated lumbar canal stenosis and the very common arthritis of the knee joint

An interesting aspect of the OPD was that almost 2/3rd of the patients were women, and on running tests for blood and vitamin deficiencies, it was clear that most of their pain arose from a deficiency of calcium and/or Vitamin D.  In addition to medication, the ladies were educated on the common problems faced by women in their forties.

– Bone strength, muscle elasticity and muscle tone decline over time causing stiffness and loss of flexibility. The resultant effect of these issues is low back pain. It is important to have a regular exercise routine with stretches, muscle and core strengthening and cardio or aerobic activity to prevent these issues.

– Pelvic floor exercises are particularly important, during and after pregnancy, to build strength in the pelvic area and prevent lower back pain at a later date.

Pelvic floor exercises are important during and after pregnancy

– Weight gain is a common result of reduced metabolism due to age as well as improper diet practices. Coupled with exercise, a good diet plan helps to ensure a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance. Weight management, through diet and exercise, is required to maintain both upper body and lower body weight. Upper body weight control helps avoiding excess damage to the knees by reducing their burden. Lower body weight control prevents lower body pain which causes avoidance of exercise.

– Vitamin D deficiency is another common cause of pain and is now widespread across the world. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Exercise routines that can be done in open areas, with proper exposure of the body to sunlight, are the most beneficial way to combat Vitamin D deficiency. If diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency, a course of supplements is often prescribed, during and after which even simple, long walks in the sun (preferably before 10 AM and after 4 PM) can prove effective.

Knee Pain, Arthritis treatment in Kenya

We hope to continue follow up on these patients as we move along and make in roads in ensuring appropriate healthcare is imparted to even those in need in other parts of Kenya.

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